Almazara de Millena
General information
Contact:Jose Miguel
Phone number:(+) 965 511 073
Area:El Comtat
Address:Calle San Roque, 13, 03812 Millena, Alicante
Oil and olives
Tyoe of oil Extra Virgin and Eco Extra Virgin
Type of olive Villalonga (Manzanilla), Blanqueta, Alfafarenca, Arberquina and Genovesa.
Almazara Information
Oil tasting:Yes
Restaurant / Bar:No
Guided visit:Yes
Languages:Spanish / English
Exhibition / Museum:No
Payment :Credit card / Cash
Opening times:Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 2:00pm and 4:00 to 7:30pm.


The olive tree is well suited and firmly established in the region`s landscape. This millenary tree has been present in every event of our history, proof of all the settlers of this region. The olive tree is, therefore, a key factor of the agricultural economy of El Comtat area.

Millena`s mill started in the 1950s, with the wishful thinking of a family, the Ferrando`s family, who have carried on its tradition into the third generation, grinding the olives and producing the Extra Virgin Olive Oil as well as the ECOTRAVADELL using the most modern technologies of extraction of the olive juice, obtaining oils of the best quality, combining traditional and ecological farming as our ancestors had, but with the modern technologies of extraction.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Mediterranean Region:

Without doubt, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil together with an assortment of wines mark the special features of the Mediterranean culture, and the central regions of Pais Valencia are not an exception.

In the Comtat region we find the village of Millena, where the Ferrando family have run their oilmill since the middle of the last century, devoted to producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil harvested from their own property together with that of their neighbouring producers.

The oilmill was modernized in the year 2000, increasing the production in Ecologic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, creating their own brand name ECOTRAVADELL. The product comes from the Ferrando estate located at 650 mtrs above sea level in the Travadell valley. It consists of a cold produced unfiltered oil from the varieties Villalonga or Manzanella, Blanqueta, Genovesa, Alfafarenca and Arbequina, all of which are native to these central regions. The harvest is carried out in October, so yielding only the best, top quality oil. A total production of approximately 20,000 Litres.

The result is a pure fully bodied olive oil with very low acidity, high in oleic and polifenols, with a very characteristic fruity taste, an ideal compliment to any type of food.