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Phone number:965 453 962
Area:Bajo Vinalopó
Address:Partida Alzabares Alto, 137. C.P. 03290, Elche. Alicante.
Oil and olives
Type of oil Extra Virgin
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Opening times:Monday to Friday 9am to 2pm and 4pm to 8 pm. Saturday 9am to 2pm and 4pm to 6 pm. Sunday closed.


The Candela oil millbegan its journey in its current location in 1925, with its owner Agustín Candela Durá. In those first years, the Almazara worked with a stone mill pulled by mules and two hand presses. The oil that was obtained was stored in various tanks, from where customers were served directly. In fact, these underground deposits are still preserved and used. In 1932 the first hydraulic press of Alcoy manufacture was installed, which was moved by an autogenous gasoline engine.

In 1944 Vicente Candela Martínez takes over. With it the oil mill is modernized, incorporating a new hydraulic press (1948) that replaces the small manual presses, and from 1956 a new more powerful electric motor replaces the old gasoline engine. In the seventies there was a great reconversion in the countryside, and the more than 25 oil mills that existed in Elche in the mid-fifties were closing almost all, Almadara Candela being the only one that managed to move forward maintaining the traditional press system of capachos.

In 1980 Agustín Candela Valero assumed the destiny of the company. Work capacity was expanded, first with three and then with four hydraulic presses. The old stone roller mill was replaced by a modern hammermill. It began to be packaged as its own brand, the sanitary registration number was processed and the storage capacity was expanded with new and clean stainless steel tanks.

Since November 2008, Manuel Candela Navarro represents the fourth generation of almazareros that elaborate the traditional oil of Elche and surroundings. One of the main objectives of Almazara Candela in this stage has been and is to merge tradition and modernity in the right measure. In this way, while on the one hand we strive to maintain the traditional processing method to preserve our 'lifelong' flavor, on the other we try to incorporate the necessary technology to always provide the best service. Thus, in this stage a state-of-the-art performance analyzer has been incorporated, with which it is possible to know the fat performance of any sample in just 20 seconds, considerably reducing the waiting time of our customers.

We are also working to have an active presence in social networks with the intention of approaching new generations of customers, and that these can accompany the day to day of an ancestral and unique process in the area.

On the other hand, little by little, modifications have been made to the corporate image of the company, such as: the creation of a new logo that faithfully represents our essence and the use of it in our products; the elaboration of specific labeling to identify our 'oil in branch' or the sale of new formats such as our 500ml bottles, among others.