Itinerary 3 – Cocentaina – Alcoy

In the region of El Comtat you can learn about the work lead by Cooperativa de Cocentaina oil mill, working on different varieties of olives, some of them very local and with great natural flavor.

As well as visiting in the region of l’Alcoià the Masía El Altet, a beautiful place where you can see and feel the olive trees growing up in a natural environment of great beauty, as well as knowing their good and delicate oils.

General data
Start of the journeyCooperativa Agrícola Católica – Oli El Comtat
AddressAv. del País Valencià, 60, 03820 Cocentaina
End of the journeyMasía El Altet
AddressCarretera Alcoy a Banyeres de Mariola, Kilómetro 8 a 9. Alcoy
DurationAprox. 3 horas y media.
Distance19,5 km.
Journey time20 a 30 min.
ObservationsSe recomienda seguir el itinerario propuesto para un mejor disfrute de la ruta.
Description and duration
Visit of the oil press “Cooperativa Agrícola Católica” of Cocentaina with tasting options of the “Oli el Comtat”90 min.
Desplacement Cocentaina –Alcoy25 min.
Visit to the place Masía el Altet, with tasting options. Booking options for lunch90 min.